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Blackout: The Darkest Night

A non-linear interactive fiction game inspired by White Wolf’s World of Darkness, Twin Peaks and H.P. Lovecraft.


You have been part of something terrible, something so unspeakable that caused you to blackout and forget all recent events. Now you have the choice of pursuing this dark truth or trying to bury it in the past.

Maybe it’s not too late to turn back now.


You play as a man who finds himself lost in a dark street somewhere in the city of New Wenders. It doesn’t take long before you start having flashbacks and regaining your memory. Something terrible happened, and you were part of it. This event somehow opened your eyes to a whole new world that has been hiding beneath the shadows.

As the player, you have the choice to dig deeper into this unspeakable deed or try to leave it all behind. Blackout is a game about choices, every chapter of the game takes place in a different location, and the order in which the chapters take place will change based on your choices. Even more so, the path you take inside each chapter varies greatly, and the effect of your choices could ripple across all chapters, meaning you could have a completely different experience on a new playthrough.

Blackout is also available on Kindle!

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Blackout is a game about hidden monsters and hidden fears, and ultimately about overcoming the worst adversary: one’s true self.


In Blackout, you have 3: Courage, Sanity and Fitness. These attributes may lock or unlock choices or paths, as will some items you may acquire along the way.

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